Biden’s Border Crisis Is Worse Than We Know

The Biden administration is shattering immigration records. Except unlike President Trump, these are the kinds of records no president hopes to break. 

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) has placed more than 7,000 unaccompanied migrant children in camps just in February alone. This record usurps past highs of 5,000 migrant children under past administrations. The number represents Biden’s personal high as well – almost doubling from January’s 4,000 migrant children in holding cages. 

The border crisis of 2019 was the main catalyst for the Trump administration crackdown of unaccompanied minor children crossing the border. At the time, coyotes and other criminals were attempting en masse to scurry across the border unscathed. 

In only the first four days in March, the Biden administration has caged more than 1,500 illegal minors in border holding facilities. 

Most recently, the Biden administration did away with COVID-19 restrictions that prevented 100% capacity at migrant facilities. 

“With increasing numbers of children being referred to migrant facilities, we must take steps to increase the number of available shelter beds in order to minimize the risk that children remain in CBP custody,” a memo from the Biden administration revealed. 

The Biden administration is working tirelessly to crack down on media presence at the border in the hopes of concealing the true nature of the crisis. The current administration is under fire for separating children from their illegal parents – a move often highly criticized when enacted under Trump. Progressives have railed against Biden’s handling of the border surge. 

The number of children being apprehended without a parent at the border continues to grow. Due to overcrowding in Health and Human Services shelters for children, the unaccompanied minor is being held in Border Patrol facilities designed from single children — often for more than the 72 hours allowed by law.

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