Biden’s Clown Show Continues With Yet Another Ridiculous Lie

Joe Biden appeared to forget his Arab–Israeli history, confusing the 1967 Six-Day War with the Yom Kippur War of 1973 during a White House menorah lighting celebration for Hanukkah.

Political writers and commentators were quick to pick up on the kink in Biden’s career timeline.

Biden was only 25 and in his second year of law school during the Six-Day War. He had not yet launched his political career at that time.

The president this week recalled his 1973 meeting with then-Israeli Prime Minister Meir during his first trip to Israel as a 30-year-old senator from Delaware. It is an encounter he has shared before when referencing the correct conflict, which broke out 40 days after this visit, on Oct. 6.

Israel’s Channel 13 reported last year on the existence of a leaked classified senior Israeli official memo regarding the meeting , detailing how Biden told Meir that Israel’s Six-Day War capture of the West Bank and Gaza Strip was akin to “creeping annexation.”

The official also claimed Biden had proposed that Israel, as the dominant military force, initiate peace by withdrawing from areas without strategic importance. The source, too, wrote down his observations of Biden.

Biden repeated that he had met with Meir to learn, “and yet, while speaking, displayed a fervor and made comments that signaled his lack of diplomatic experience,” the official said .

Meanwhile, there’s been not one peep from the mainstream propagandist media who would waste no time pouncing on this story if Trump had uttered the same words.

Biden’s failing mental cognition is ever apparent, especially as of late, simultaneous with the utter downfall of his political agenda and the country as a whole.

Just this week he ordered government agencies to delay the implementation of a federal vaccine mandate on health care workers after two judges ruled against it.

Additionally, there’s rumors of a growing rift between him and his Vice President, which is evident as four key staffers just announced their resignations from Kamala’s employ.

And to make matters worse, the Biden administration has been forced to reintroduce Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy after a Supreme Court ruling.

The tides are turning and 2024 is going to be extra sweet.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth