Biden’s Feds Target Private Home Of Trump Attorney

Federal investigators working for the Biden administration targeted Former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, and former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday when they raided his home as part of a search warrant.

A search warrant for Giuliani’s home and personal belongings was issued stemming from his apparent role in the Trump’s overseas dealings in Ukraine. Rudy’s attorney, Bob Costello, confirmed that a search had been executed and Giuliani’s electronic devices were seized.

Not one, but two of Giuliani’s Manhattan apartments were targeted in the raid.

Former lawyer and now-critic of Donald Trump immediately took to twitter after news of the search warrant broke:

Officials have been targeting Giuliani over his business dealings in Ukraine for several years. Though no charges have been brought against him, two of Rudy’s former associates – Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman – have been charged with campaign finance violations.

Parnas’ and Fruman’s worked with Giuliani to uncover damaging information leading up to the 2020 election. Targeting mainly Joe Biden and his troubled son, Hunter, the duo were able to dig up very disturbing details that remain largely censored by liberal media.

The federal probe into Giuliani’s Ukraine business dealings stalled when officials in the Trump-era justice department refused to sign off on the request. They raised major concerns with the way in which Mr. Giuliani’s private records and personal communications were obtained, and if they violated his rights to privacy.

However, the issue was expected to be revisited by Biden’s Justice Department once Attorney General Merrick Garland took the helm.

The search warrant does not mean Giuliani committed a crime, but it signals that investigators persuaded a judge they believed criminal conduct occurred and that executing the warrant might uncover relevant evidence.

Author: Asa McCue