Biden’s Latest Lie Could Land Him In Prison

Photo Via Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Joe Biden is potentially facing a defamation lawsuit after releasing a Wednesday morning digital ad on his Twitter that – surprise surprise – is filled with outright lies.

The Twitter ad included a clip from Tuesday’s debate, which falsely claimed that President Trump “refused to disavow white supremacists,” and then attempts to link Kyle Rittenhouse – the alleged Kenosha shooter who discharged his weapon after being attacked by radical leftists – to white supremacy.

Lawyers representing the teenage Rittenhouse are now threatening to hit Joe and his campaign with a lawsuit unless the ad.

Biden “defamed Kyle Rittenhouse by suggesting on this video that he is a White Supremacist. The #Left just will not stop. I am working on the retraction demand now for Mr. Biden and his campaign,” attorney Todd McMurtry wrote on social media on Wednesday.

Later, another attorney for Rittenhouse, Lin Wood, tweeted several responses to the ad, including the warning that a “Formal demand for public retraction is being prepared for Biden/Harris Campaign on behalf of Kyle Rittenhouse.”

“I also hereby demand that @JoeBiden immediately retract his false accusation that Kyle is a white supremacist & militia member responsible for violence in Kenosha,” Wood added.

In another tweet, Wood said they would “rip Biden to shreds” in a deposition.

“When I take @JoeBiden deposition on cross-examination, no wire or computer contact lenses will save him. I will rip Joe into shreds. Ask witnesses who have had the misfortune of sitting across the table from me under oath. You don’t mess with my children, my pup, or my clients,” Wood tweeted.

Marina Medvin, who is also representing Rittenhouse, said in a statement that “there is absolutely no evidence, not even a pinch, of this defamatory accusation that my client Kyle Rittenhouse is a ‘white supremacist.’”

People claiming so “can retract and apologize, or they can deal with Lin Wood in court,” she added.

Rittenhouse’s legal defense previously released an 11-minute video that outlined the events leading to the fatal shooting of two rioters in Kenosha as well as the injury of a third.

“To prevent the total destruction of their communities, good Samaritans united to guard local businesses,” the video said as images of destroyed buildings were shown.

Rittenhouse was also there offering medical services to anyone who needed them – regardless of race or political affiliation. The video shows Rittenhouse yelling to the protesters, “I have a medic kit. If you are injured, come to me!”

Pierce Bainbridge, the law firm representing Rittenhouse, previously released a statement explaining that the teen was cleaning up graffiti from protesters when he learned a car dealership needed his property protected from rioters. Rittenhouse and his friend armed themselves and assisted.

The statement noted that Rittenhouse was on his way to a mechanic’s shop when multiple rioters accosted him, recognizing him as one of the people trying to protect the shops in the area.

The teen tried to flee as he was chased by the ‘mob,’ and upon the sound of a gunshot behind him, Kyle turned and was immediately faced with an attacker lunging towards him and reaching for his rifle. He reacted instantaneously and justifiably with his weapon to protect himself, firing and striking the attacker.

“In fear for his life and concerned the crowd would either continue to shoot at him or even use his own weapon against him, Kyle had no choice but to fire multiple rounds towards his immediate attackers, striking two, including one armed attacker,” the law firm’s statement continued.

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