Biden’s Math Behind ‘Build Back Better’ Scheme Just Isn’t Adding Up

Which one of Biden’s handlers told him it was a good idea to lie directly to the American people about his ‘Build Back Better’ spending plan?

The constantly-repeated economic fallacy that the plan comes with a “zero dollar” price tag could arguably be the most ridiculous trope repeated by the Biden-Harris administration.

Democrats simply don’t have the votes to pass pass the multitrillion-dollar climate change and welfare spending agenda despite holding Congressional majorities. The constant mistruths surrounding the bill have caused most Americans to sour on the idea, especially given its implications on the economy.

The “zero dollar” price tag lie pushed by Biden and the Democrats came crashing down this week as new analysis from the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget exposed the real cost.

Biden’s “pared back” plan could be more than double the $2.4 trillion advertised. The committee concludes that it could ultimately cost as much as $4.9 trillion, which is roughly $34,200 per federal taxpayer.

Democrats have been incredibly deceptive when publicly describing the contents of ‘Build Back Better.’

For example, a child tax credit applicable for one year was written into the bill, costing $130 billion for taxpayers. Now liberal lawmakers openly state they’re seeking to make this tax credit permanent, issuing up to $5,000 checks per family — even for non citizens. If the increase is ultimately made permanent, it would cost an additional $1 trillion.

This is a perfect example of how Democrats deceive Americans about the price tag, by creating “temporary installments” in the bill which inevitably become permanent per the bill’s fine print.

It’s also impossible, after this economic analysis, for Democrats to continue pushing the lie that ‘Build Back Better’ doesn’t add to the national deficit.

“We estimate the Build Back Better Act would increase deficits by … a total of $200 billion through 2031,” the analysis concludes .

“If the legislation were made permanent without additional offsets, it would add nearly $1.5 trillion to deficits over five years and increase deficits by $3 trillion through 2031.”

Similar analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office also found that the spending plans will add to the national debt, a contradiction to Biden’s narrative.

Despite multiple non-partisan analysis, the Democrats are doubling down by insisting the budget reports are illegitimate.

If Joe Biden and the Democrats are seeking trillions and trillions of taxpayer dollars, the least they can do is be honest about what their spending it on.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth