Biden’s Mental Decline Peaks After Speech Goes Awry

It’s about time Republicans get serious about the mental state of Joe Biden, the man who purports to be the leader of the free world.

The utter decline in Biden’s mental cognition is no longer cute, funny or endearing as it’s become abundantly clear that his ability to make decisions has become impaired.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden addressed the nation to discuss the staggering gas prices and what his administration plans to do to combat them.

Resembling fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy, Biden recited “end of quote” off his teleprompter, a non-verbal line meant to indicate the finality of a specific quote.

Biden announced that the administration met with major retailers, including Walmart and TJ Maxx, in order to solve the supply chain crisis by moving products in and stocking the shelves more quickly. During this segment of the address, Biden can be heard reading “end of quote,” apparently off the teleprompter.

It appears that the president attempted to end the quote by McMillon included in the address.

Ron Burgundy, a character played by Will Ferrell in the 2004 comedy film “Anchorman,” commonly read off the teleprompter while reporting the news.

This isn’t the first time Biden has been seen struggling with the teleprompter. He made the same mistake while campaigning for president last year.

Biden addressed the current high gas prices on a global and national level, reaching as high as $3.79 per gallon. To lower gas prices, the president announced that 50 million barrels of oil have been released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) as the period of inflation and high gas prices continue.

His plan to artificially correct the price per gallon by depleting oil reserves meant for real emergencies, like war, is a disastrous decision with serious consequences.

That is unless Biden will reinvest in the SPR, a highly unlikely endeavor.

The president said his “effort to combat climate change” is not causing the rise in gas and oil prices and addressed his administration’s goal to build job openings in solar panel electric heat pumps and batteries.

Meanwhile, Biden canceled the construction of the Keystone Pipeline XL shortly after swearing the oath of office, a move that stripped approximately 11,000 jobs.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney