Biden’s Plan To Destroy America Is Coming Along Nicely

If you can believe it, Border Patrol has apprehended over 90,000 illegal immigrants on the US-Mexico border in just 18 days.

18 days!

Are you paying attention yet?

Fiscal Year 2022 is off to a record start as Customs and Border Protection is forced to handle hoards of illegal border crossings as a result of Joe Biden’s open border policies.

A source within Border Patrol reports that agents have reached their breaking points and morale is at an all-time low. In the first 18 days of the reporting Fiscal Year, Border Patrol has seized more than 90,000 migrants — far exceeding the 69,049 migrants apprehended in the entire month of October just last year.

In the Yuma Sector, the source says more than 12,000 migrants were encountered in 18 days. In all of October 2020, only 788 were apprehended within that sector, a more than 1,400 percent increase.

The jump in statistics is being felt in other areas of the southwest border as well.

The busiest sector of Biden’s bombed-out border in the Rio Grande Valley has seen more than 26,000 illegal immigrant border crossers since the beginning of October. Due to the overwhelming swarm of migrants, many illegals surrender hoping for a quick release into the United States.

The number of apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley in 18 days is nearly 50% higher than all of October 2020. During the entire month of October 2020, 17,619 were apprehended in that sector.

On average, more than 5,000 migrants are encountered daily nationwide. More than half are single adults. Family units comprise the next largest demographic.

The Yuma Border Patrol Sector is showing the most significant increase in apprehensions and migrant releases into the United States. Of the 12,000 apprehended in Yuma since October 1, a federal source says less than 600 were swiftly expelled to Mexico under the CDC Title 42 COVID-19 emergency order.

More than 11,000 migrants apprehended in Yuma were processed under traditional legal pathways allowing the migrant family units and unaccompanied migrants to pursue asylum. The source says most are released into the United States as they await the adjudication process.

At this rate, the entire demographics of the United States will be forever shifted; but this was their plan all along.

The goal is to import as many people as possible and promise them the world in exchange for a Democrat vote.

Meanwhile, American workers will be forced to foot the bill.

Author: Asa McCue