Biden’s Popularity Craters To Shocking New Low — He’s Toast

What do Joe Biden and the Democrats really expect after a full year of complete chaos and devastation directly caused by policies which seek America’s complete and total destruction?

You can’t create an immigration disaster, destroy energy independence, import radical wokeness, attack parents, destroy due process and civil rights, deplete a bustling economy, perpetuate a fake pandemic, attack democracy, steal elections, enable corruption, raise taxes, coddle coastal elites, kowtow to Big Tech, ramp up propaganda, and destroy the American way of life and expect people to be on board.

Only 33% of adult citizens approved of Joe Biden’s job performance, a record low for the cognitively deficient president in a Wednesday mainstream poll.

The poll revealed Biden’s approval rating has dropped three points since November. Biden’s 33% beats former President Trump’s worst approval rating by one point, according to Gallup polling.

Among independents, the Quinnipiac poll showed 25% approved of Biden’s job performance. 58% of independents disapproved.

Moreover, just 75% of Democrats approve of Biden’s performance.14% of Democrats disapproved. In November, 87%of Democrats approved of Biden, 12 points more than in January.

Registered voters marked Biden slightly higher at (35-54%). November’s polling marked approval of Biden’s job performance three points higher (38-53%).

Respondents also gave Biden marks in the 30s for his management of the economy, foreign policy, and coronavirus response:

The economy: 34% approve, while 57% disapprove

Foreign policy: 35% approve, while 54% disapprove

Coronavirus response: 39% approve, while 55% disapprove

The poll sampled 1,313 adults nationwide from January 7-10 with a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points.

The question is: How will Jen Psaki and the White House explain Joe Biden’s failure to resonate with the American people?

Even member of his own party are quickly abandoning the man who said he’d “shut down the virus” and catapult the economy to greater heights not even seen under Trump’s leadership.

Not only was he dead wrong, the entire country is in a state of shock with the social and economic decline we’ve all experienced in just one short year. Only a miracle will save the declining nation, who just a short time ago was bustling like never before.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney