Biden’s Radical Bill Gets The Boot – He’s Not Handling It Well

President Joe Biden and the Democrats are reeling after being dealt another massive blow to their plans to destroy America via their radical left agenda.

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the Senate parliamentarian indicated that Democrats cannot include a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in their newest $3.5 trillion spending bill.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram confirmed the report, writing, “A preliminary ruling from Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, obtained by Fox, would bar Democrats from adding immigration provisions to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.”

“Democrats did not have firm legislative text nor a total price tag for the bill. So it’s hard to see how there is an absolute ruling on this,” Pergram said. “But, budget reconciliation bills, which Democrats were using to avoid a filibuster, must be strictly fiscal in nature and can’t add to the deficit. It was believed that this push to add immigration to the bill was too policy driven.”

“This is a blow to Democrats and progressives who pushed to add immigration provisions to the bill. This will cause problems if Democrats have to slash the total size of the size of the legislation to mollify moderate Democrats,” Pergram continued. “It was thought that lopping immigration provisions into the bill could help placate liberals if Democrats have to trim the size of the legislation.”

Pergram further stated that the key part from MacDonough’s decision was that including immigration as part of reconciliation “is further evidence that the policy changes of this proposal far outweigh the budgetary impact scored to it and it is not appropriate for inclusion in reconciliation.”

In another loss for the Democrats, it was also reported on Sunday that moderate Dem. Senator Joe Manchin – who effectively holds the deciding vote in the Senate – wants to delay voting on the new spending bill until 2022.

“Manchin’s new timeline — if he insists on it — would disrupt the plans by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to vote on the budget reconciliation package this month,” Axios reported.

The report added that any delay from Manchin, who is not part of the far-left-wing of the Democrat Party, could “imperil House passage of the separate $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which Pelosi has promised to pass by Sept. 27.”

Reports surfaced last week that Biden personally called Manchin earlier this year and told him regarding Democrats’ massive coronavirus stimulus bill, “If you don’t come along, you’re really f***ing me.”

Dem. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema who has proven herself to be surprisingly moderate is also reportedly in opposition to Biden’s massive leftist bill but has not expressed so publicly.

With inflation already out of control under President Biden, the passage of more massive spending packages would only exacerbate the issue which has many Americans concerned – with the exception of left wing politicians of course, as they push forward with their wish list.

Sen. Bernie Sanders for example, well aware of the skyrocketing inflation, complained on CBS News on Sunday morning that the $3.5 trillion was way too low as the far-left was already forced to cut back from the $6 trillion bill that they wanted.

“Look, right now what we are doing is we are engaging with the House and the Senate,” Sanders said. “It is a complicated proposal. All I am telling you is the $3.5 trillion is much too low. A compromise has already been made; an agreement has been made.”

Radical Democrats like Sanders have made it clear they don’t care about the devastating impact massive inflation would have on the average American – and are strictly focused on pushing through whatever far-left policy they can before Republicans retake congress in 2022 midterms.

Author: Evans Michael