Biden’s Refusal To Answer Controversial Question Reveals Secret Agenda

Photo Via AP

A question which became a key focus of this week’s presidential debate – will Joe Biden support packing the Supreme Court if elected – remains still unanswered after the Democratic presidential nominee again avoided answering the rather important question.

During an interview with a local station, Pittsburgh’s WTAE earlier this week, anchor Shannon Perrine pressed Biden on the issue, noting that viewers wanted her to follow up on the question that he ran away from during the debate, but Biden – yet again – refused to answer it.

“You know, that’s exactly what they want me to talk about so we don’t talk about how they’re violating the Constitution now,” Biden said.

“I’m not going to play Trump’s game. Right now, my entire focus is seeing to it that the American people get a chance – the election has already started – to have their say on who the next Supreme Court justice is. And that’s what I’m focused on.”

Biden then was asked how exactly it is that Republicans are violating the Constitution.

“The Constitution says that the American people – I taught constitutional law for over 20 years – says the American people get an opportunity to choose who they want on the Supreme Court.” said Biden, who began teaching classes at Widener University Delaware Law School in 1991.

Senile old Joe seemed to have forgotten his meds before this interview, as the section of the Constitution which discusses the Supreme Court, Article III, does not state the people get to choose it.

During the debate on Tuesday President Trump reminded his opponent that a president is elected for four years, not three, and that he was entirely within his rights to nominate a justice at this time.

When Fox News shill Chris Wallace asked Biden during the debate what his stance on packing the courts was, Biden worked his way around the question and was pressed by President Trump to answer the question.

A flustered Biden responded “I’m not going to answer the question because the question is, the question is, the question is,” before finally giving up and resorting to telling the President of the United States, “shut up, man.”

Wallace then dug Biden out of a corner by moving them on to the next question – letting Joe slide by without answering a question that could significantly change the course of history.

Biden acknowledged that he had no intention of answering Wallace’s question “Whatever position I take on that, that’ll become the issue.”

Wallace who received a hefty amount of criticism for not only moderating a terrible debate, but bailing Biden out at any chance he got, came out on Thursday and falsely claimed that Biden did answer his question on court packing.

Wallace also defended Biden in general, putting the blame on the president for the debate going awry.

“Here’s what happened. We began the first segment on the Supreme Court. They each got their 2 minutes and they both obeyed in that particular case,” Wallace said to Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer.

“And then Biden started to answer a question and the president started interrupting him. My initial reaction was, this is great because so often these debates become parallel news conferences where one candidate answers the question to him, the other candidate answers the question to him. So, when the president started engaging with Biden, I thought we are going to have a real debate here.”

“It became clearer and clearer over time that this was something different and that the president was determined to try to but in and throw Joe Biden off,” Wallace said, later adding, ” [Trump] bears the primary responsibility for what happened on Tuesday.”

Hemmer pointed out that Biden did not answer a lot of the questions that Wallace prepared, including whether he supported either ending the filibuster or packing the court. But Wallace, blinded by his evident bias, insisted the Democrat did answer his questions.

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