Biden’s War On Small Businesses Causes Economic Disaster

A recent job report proved that Biden’s policies are wreaking havoc in the job market. Business leaders are blaming the administration for the lack of post-pandemic jobs, citing the current unemployment system bolstered by federal funds.

“The disappointing jobs report makes it clear that paying people not to work is dampening what should be a stronger jobs market,” said the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

As the coronavirus vaccine became readily available and governors began lifting lockdown restrictions, economists predicted a jobs boon for the month of April. However, Biden’s labor department reported that only 266,000 jobs were created last month — falling extremely short of experts’ 1 million job prediction.

Unemployed Americans have been disincentivized from returning to work given the extra $300 in weekly federal benefits in addition to the state benefits they already receive. This reluctance to get back in the job force has caused staffing mayhem for many small businesses.

“The Biden Administration is waging a ‘war on small business,’ and that needs to end. Our message to President Biden is simple: ‘Hey Joe! Why don’t you just head back to the basement and stop breaking what ain’t broken?'”

Leading economist Bill Dunkleberg revealed on Fox News that many businesses have been forced to offer additional hiring incentives to get new prospects on board. As small business owners continue to struggle with staffing, the Biden administration has done little to create a solution. In fact, the constant spending on the federal level, handing Americans hundreds of dollars for nothing, will perpetuate the staffing struggle and potentially force many businesses to shudder.

Author: Asa McCue