Big Tech Battles To Erase Trump’s Ongoing Legacy

Try as they might, Big Tech just cannot shake Donald Trump.

Conservative news station, Right Side Broadcasting Network, is the latest target of Big Tech censorship.

The online Conservative news network received a two-week suspension from YouTube for airing Donald Trump’s iconic speech from the 2021 CPAC event. 

Before being taken down, the video garnered over 4 million views. The google-owned Youtube knew the video was making too much of an impact.

The twitter account for RSBN informed their audience of the ban: ”

The network revealed they could have avoided a suspension if they provided “countervailing viewspoints” to President Trump’s speech. In other words, RSBN would have to criticize the claims made in Trump’s speech, namely his claims of a stolen election. 

“Why would we censor or push back against President Trump over claims that we agree with?”

YouTube unabashedly censored the video. They had this to say about their decision: 

“Regardless of who is speaking or their political leaning, we enforce our Community Guidelines consistently. We removed this video from Right Side Broadcasting Network in accordance to our presidential election integrity policy which prohibits statements that could cause widespread violence over claims of a stolen election despite evidence of the contrary.” said a YouTube spokeswoman.

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