Big Tech Giant Unveils New Way To Steal Personal Info

Social media behemoth Facebook is finalizing development of its own watch as part of an ongoing plan to mine users of their personal data for future use. In the case of their new watch, Facebook is after your biometric data. 

A disturbing report revealed Facebook is on the verge of releasing their new smartwatch as a way to collect users’ personal data. The Android-based watch is said to be a joint venture with Google as it will feature the other Big Tech’s processing software. It is reported that Facebook is working on building its own operating system for hardware devices, expanding what seems to be their sinister operation for total control. 

According to the report, Facebook’s smartwatch will reportedly have fitness, health and messaging features. The smartwatch comes as Facebook looks to build on their hardware production. Currently the Oculus virtual reality headset and Portal video chat devices are the only hardware products Facebook produces. Iconic sunglasses brand Ray-Ban is also in talks with the social media giant to develop a line of smartglasses, a virtual reality product. 

Facebook has recently ramped up research and development of different virtual and augmented reality products. Experimental projects under the company’s Reality Labs Division currently employs over 6,000 people to experiment with ways to mine data and distort reality.  

It was recently reported Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise appearance on the newest social media platform Clubhouse to discuss his company’s progress developing new augmented reality technology. 

During the Clubhouse meeting, Zuckerberg stated “we should not be transporting, we should be teleporting.” Whatever that means! Zuckerberg supports Americans staying inside their homes, extolling the virtues of augmented and virtual reality technology. 

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