Big Tech Promotes Horrific Racism Against Black Conservative

Twitter allowed the hashtag “Uncle Tim” to trend on its platform after Sen. Tim Scott gave a brilliant rebuttal to Biden’s first Congressional address. Twitter eventually blocked the trending topic after promoting it to viral status first.

“This is in line with our policies on Trends… to promote healthy conversations on Twitter. This means that at times, we may not allow or may temporarily prevent content from appearing in Trends until more context is available.” 

Scott blasted Democrats in his rebuttal for their refusal to work with Republicans on pertinent issues plaguing America today, such as police reform.

He also corrected the constantly Democrat misgivings on the recent elections reform bill passed in Georgia.

The Republican Senator enraged the Left during the height of his rebuttal in which he claimed, definitively, and without hesitation, that, “America is not a racist country.”

Despite his defense of America and the lack of racism, progressives on the Left seemed to prove him wrong. Online liberals erupted online with anti-black slurs, often referring to Scott as “Uncle Tim, ” a reference from the Harried Beecher Stowe novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

The “Uncle Tim” hashtag went viral on twitter, eventually becoming a nationwide trending topic. Twitter did nothing to throttle the racist taunts until Conservatives finally took notice.

Many conservatives slammed the social media giant for their blatant hypocrisy of allowing racism against Sen. Scott simply because he is a Republican.


Scott said in his speech that he had experienced a “different kind of intolerance,” or racism directed at him from the left.

 “I get called “Uncle Tom” and the N-word — by ‘progressives’! By liberals!”

Author: Mitchell Salvo