Big Tech’s Role In Human Trafficking Exposed

Recent reports reveal human traffickers from Mexico and other Central American countries are “openly advertising their services on Facebook” without any interference from Big Tech censors.

The Facebook ads are directed to hopeful migrants with the promise of safe passage over the United States-Mexico border. Smugglers are taking advantage of the new Biden administration’s  welcoming attitude toward asylum seekers.

Translated from Spanish, one ad reads: “Travel to Mexico to the United States. Costs $8,000. 100 percent safe,”

Another one claims: “You can cross through the border. Walk one hour and after an automobile will take you to your relative.”

“Make your dream a reality in the United States. We are here to help you,”  “The journey is safe and reliable and the price is $4,500 leaving from Monterrey to San Antonio, Texas.”

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is blaming the Facebook ads for the sudden surge of illegal immigrants at the border, ignoring completely the change in Trump’s policies.

It’s been reported that the Biden Administration now has 16,000 unaccompanied migrants in custody — a record number in America’s history. Border Officials warn that more than two million illegal immigrants are expected to cross the border by September.

Joe Biden took no responsibility for encouraging the surge of border crossings despite rolling back numerous Trump policies that prevented mass illegal immigration. Specifically, Trump’s “Remain-in-Mexico” initiative was the main stop gap measure dissuading migrants from crossing the border illegally. Biden did away with that policy in the first week of his Presidency.

“I make no apologies for ending programs that existed during Trump’s presidency. He made an incredible negative impact on the law, as well as on human dignity,” Biden said.


Author: Asa McCue 


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