Big Win for Second Amendment Americans as Virginia’s Scheme Crashes and Burns

By Gregg Re February 18th, 2020 | Image Source : Fox News

The Democrat-controlled Virginia state government tried to ram extreme gun control laws down residents’ throats. It resulted in 90% of the state rebelling, culminating in a huge rally in the capital. Still, the state’s House and governor continued to push their gun-grabbing agenda. But they just woke up to some harsh news.

You might be wondering how a Southern state like Virginia could spiral into far-left Democrat madness. I can’t say for sure how it’s happened, but it must have something to do with its close proximity to Washington, D.C. Did swamp dwellers migrant into Virginia’s big cities, swaying the votes? Might be the explanation.

Because last year, radical abortion-loving (and black-face wearing) Gov. Ralph Northam got himself a nice, sweet Democrat majority in the state government. Emboldened by this victory, the Democrats of Virginia revealed their true colors: as far-left socialists that make Californians look like Ronald Reagan.

Quickly, they crafted a hurricane of gun-grabbing anti-Second Amendment bills. These bills represented some of the strictest gun control measures we’ve ever seen. Northam intended to outlaw private gun sales. He wanted to ban AR-15’s and other “assault weapons.” He wanted to ban large magazines, suppressors, and more. On top of that, he wanted to give courts the power to take a citizens’ guns away, even if they didn’t break the law.

The outraged over these plans was thick and fast. Over 90% of the state’s counties immediately declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” meaning they would not comply with the state’s new laws (if passed). Northam said that they had no choice. But he got blow back from many state sheriffs who refused to violate citizens’ rights.

It all lead to a massive, historic protest in Virginia’s capital city. Over 22,000 Second Amendment-loving residents demonstrated, demanding their rights be protected. Even though thousands of gun owners were assembled, there was not one instance of violent crime (despite the media hoping for one).

Compare that to those Antifa protests, where unarmed radicals always get arrested for assault and vandalism.

A smart governor and legislature would have seen all this and quickly backed down. After all, if they pushed ahead with these bills, knowing the people of Virginia were outraged, then they risk their jobs. Come re-election time, they’d all be gone.

But these far-left Dems still pushed for their flood of gun control bills. I guess they want to cram this stuff down the state’s throat, while they have the chance.

But Northam just got some bad news.

The gun bill backed by Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) that included sweeping bans of guns, magazines, and suppressors – turning gun owners in the state into criminals overnight – was rejected by a senate committee…

Four Democrats joined every Republican on the committee to send the bill to the Virginia Crime Commission for further study, which means it won’t be reconsidered before this legislative session expires…

[Del. Mark] Levine insisted that the bill narrowly passed by the Virginia House of Delegates would not “infringe on anyone’s rights,” even though it absolutely would, banning Americans from purchasing certain firearms, magazines, and suppressors that had been previously legal to purchase and turning lawful gun owners into criminals overnight. [Source: Daily Wire]

Four Democrats joined with Virginia Republicans to reject the extreme gun control bill that was passed in their House.

The bill co-sponsor, Mark Levine, famously gave a hilarious definition of the weapons he wants to ban. Like must gun control nuts, he confused fully automatic weapons with semi-auto firearms like AR-15s. After being grilled over his knowledge of guns, Levine could not adequately prove why semi-autos, large magazines, and other things he wanted to be banned should be banned.

The Virginia Senate rejected the bill, meaning it will not have much of a chance of getting passed.

Make no mistake: this is because Virginians fought to protect their rights. But it won’t end here. Democrats across the country (including 2020 candidate Mike Bloomberg) will not rest until the Second Amendment is a thing of the past.

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