Black Conservative Lawmaker Shuts Down CNN Liberals

White liberals, especially those working for mainstream media, have proven time again that any attempt to advocate for black Americans is merely phony pandering for political correctness. Any black person in America who dares defy liberal hegemony, support Former President Trump, or espouse any conservative views whatsoever are routinely shot down, discredited, and called a series of racial slurs.

Any semblance of racially-charged language against a black liberal would immediately garner fire and fury from the corporate media. There would be social media campaigns exposing that person’s personal information, and even attempts to contact their employer. But because Rep. Byron Donalds is a black conservative – and a supporter of Donald Trump – white liberal media operatives feel no urgency to treat him with even one ounce of respect.

The Florida Republican appeared on CNN Thursday morning. During his interview he destroyed a CNN pundit for her suggestion that the Congressional Black Caucus is denying his admission because of the conservative views he holds. Rep. Donalds has routinely called out the CBC — arguably the most influential black legislative group in Congress — as they slow-roll his entry because he is a Pro-Trump Republican.

Six months since the 2020 election and black liberal members of Congress have been inducted in the CBC, but GOP Rep. Donalds, who won for the first time last year, was not included in that group of inductees.

Donalds says he has applied for admission, his federal voting record is limited, it is largely bipartisan. He came to Congress after serving as the sole black Republican in Florida’s House, where he was also part of that body’s own black caucus, and he specifically wanted to become involved in the CBC once being elected to federal office.

In an attempt at a “gotcha” moment, CNN hack Brianna Keiler referred to Former President Trump’s past statements, which she apparently believes to be in support of white supremacy, when asking Rep. Donalds about his lack of admission into the CBC.

“Do you think your defense of a person who said things like that might be incongruent with the mission of the CBC?” Keilar asked.

His response is brilliant — a total rebuttal to the overarching white liberal narrative that plagues race relations in America today.

“As a black man in America, I’m allowed to have my own thoughts on who I choose to support and who I choose not to support,” he said.


“And so to bring up President Trump to try to make this about him is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the situation at hand and is a tactic of the liberal media.”

Author: Asa McCue