Blue States Whine And Cry As Red State Economies Skyrocket

Reopened Republican states are leading the nation in post-pandemic economic success, according to recent financial reports.

The Back-To-Normal Index, which tracks American’s thoughts and feelings about their post-COVID lives revealed that states which avoided or quickly removed tyrannical COVID-19 lockdown restrictions boasted the highest economic recovery figures.

The economies of Republican-led South Dakota and Florida are performing at 106% and 101% of pre-COVID strength, respectively.

In other words, their economies are operating more efficiently than before the pandemic struck.

Rhode Island, Nebraska, and Idaho are all functioning at 100% pre-pandemic capacity.

Other states with the greatest economic recovery are: West Virginia (98%), Nevada (97%), Montana (97%), Iowa (97%), and Arizona (96%) — all led by Republican governors.

Republican Governor of South Dakota never even imposed a lockdown in her state. In fact, her state ranked fourth in the country for state-to-state migration during the pandemic, indicating that blue-state Americans were desperate for freedom from COVID tyranny.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was among the first governors to rescind his state’s COVID-19 restrictions — a move that even earned DeSantis accolades from Florida Democrats.

“We will never do any of these lockdowns again…” the Florida Governor said.

Rhode Island — the only Democrat-ran state on the list — was among the first northeastern states to rescind COVID restrictions. Former Gov. Gina Raimondo, Democrat, is currently serving as the Biden administration’s Secretary of Commerce.

Meanwhile, states that aggressively enforced their lockdowns are falling tragically Red states in post-COVID financial recovery. For example, New York (perhaps the “bluest” state in the nation) ranks last in the Back-to-Normal Index. Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Oregon follow as the states with the most sluggish returns to normalcy — all led by the most radically-Left Democrats.

Unemployment rates largely follow the same trends. The Back-to-Normal Index proves that while both South Dakota and Nebraska boast unemployment rates of 2.8%, over 8% of workers in New York, California, Connecticut, and Hawaii are currently without jobs.

Author: Asa McCue