Bombshell Evidence Proves Top Governor’s Crimes

Yet another woman has come forward with sexual assault allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Sherry Vill, a mother of three, appeared with her lawyer in a virtual call with claims that the New York governor kissed her several years ago without her consent.

And she has photo evidence.

Vill claims that the Cuomo came to her house in Greece, New York to discuss the flooding in the area. Her husband of 30 years was not home at the time.

Vill said she was made to feel uncomfortable when Cuomo pulled her toward him and kissed her on both cheeks. She claimed Cuomo repeated the act and kissed her again on the cheek.

In response, Cuomo said: “That’s what Italians do, kiss both cheeks.”

But Vill rebutted, “Strangers do not kiss. I am Italian and I kiss my family. I felt embarrassed and weird about his kisses.”

During the press conference, Vill’s attorney called the incident an “assault” and committed her helping the investigation into Cuomo’s behavior.  Additionally, the New York Assembly is holding it’s own investigation into the possible impeachment of Cuomo.

Vill’s lawyer held up a photo depicting the kiss. She also presented a letter from Cuomo thanking Vill for the visit.

Vill is not the first…or second…or third woman to make accusations against Cuomo. Despite the mounting pressure against him, the governor has repeatedly balked at calls for his resignation. He has apologized for his behavior, but denied any criminally inappropriate touching.

Author: Gene Turner 





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