Bombshell New Evidence Proves Deep Corruption In Mueller Investigation

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Newly released documents from the Department of Justice show that an improbably high number of investigators involved in the Robert Mueller investigation claimed to have “accidentally wiped” their phones of vital information.

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The revelation was first caught by Sean Davis of the Federalist, who posted screenshots from the 87-page document drop.

Andrew Weissmann, a manager on the Mueller team, reported that two of his special counsel’s office phones were wiped, one by accident and another by entering the wrong password too many times.

“Wiped phone due to attempting the incorrect password to [sic] many times, believed had less than 10 text messages, and 5 photos of non-investigative or informational significance,” read one entry for assistant special counsel Greg Andres.
“Phone was accidentally wiped prior to records review,” read an entry for Kyle Freeny, a former prosecutor on the Mueller team.

Davis counted at least 15 phones that had similar entries where information and data had been wiped clean before their review by the DOJ.

“The newly released DOJ records from the OIG investigation of corruption during the Mueller probe shows that a key tactic used by the Mueller team was to put the phones in airplane mode, lock them, and then claim they didn’t have the password,” tweeted Davis.

Mueller was tasked with investigating the accusations of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and also claims that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 election.

“What are the actual probabilities of more than a dozen top Mueller officials all ‘accidentally’ nuking their phones or accidentally putting them in airplane mode, locking them, and ‘forgetting’ their passwords so the DOJ OIG couldn’t access and examine them? Negative 100,000%?” asked Davis.

Here’s more about the Mueller report:

Author: Carlos Garcia

Source: The Blaze: Newly released DOJ records show improbable number of Mueller investigators claimed to have ‘accidentally wiped’ their phones

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