Bombshell Press Conference Exposes Biden’s Darkest Secret

Roberta Jacobson, National Security Coordinator for the U.S. Southern border, seemed to make a shocking admission about Biden’s immigration policies … they’re wreaking havoc! 

Jacobson attempted to speak Spanish in an effort to communicate with those who may cross the border illegally, but that went haywire. Instead of reiterating official immigration policy, Jacobson told potential illegals that our border was “not closed,” a mistake which took her several minutes to correct.

In English, Jacobson remarked that the border was in fact closed and clearly stated potential migrants should not “make the dangerous trip” to the southern border.   

When asked about the stark difference between Trump and Biden’s immigration policy, one resulting in a secure border and the latter resulting in a surge, Jacobson had this to say: 

When asked if she would be comfortable calling the nightmare at southern border a crisis, Jacobson said:


At the end of the press conference, a reporter asked Psaki about Jacobson’s statements in Spanish informing potential illegals that our border was “not closed.” 

“Well, she also said the border was closed, so we’re hoping that’s the message potential migrants pick up,” Psaki responded. “And that has consistently been our message from Day 1.” 

Psaki…as inspiring as ever, forgetting the numerous mixed messages uttered from her podium, still confused as to why the Biden administration is getting so much heat for their border policies. 

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