Border Nightmare Goes From Bad To Worse In Record Time

It isn’t enough that hoards of illegal border crossers are entering the country at rates never seen in U.S. history. We are now experiencing an attempt by the Mexico military to infiltrate our shared border.

It was reported that 14 soldiers with the Mexican military were apprehended by U.S. federal law enforcement officials during the early morning hours on Saturday after they crossed over onto U.S. soil.

The incident reportedly happened when two vehicles carrying the soldiers crossed the bridge that links Ciudad Juárez to El Paso, Texas. Witnesses reveal Customs and Border Patrol agents quickly took control of the situation, ”yelling at the soldiers to put their hands up and drop their weapons immediately.”

According to Border Patrol, the soldiers, their weapons and equipment are secured and are being processed. One agent said the soldiers claimed ”they did not realize they entered the United States.”

And if that wasn’t enough, one of the soldiers was found with drugs in his possession.

One of the Mexican soldiers ‘was assessed a civil penalty after CBP officers discovered a personal use amount of marijuana in his possession,’ according to CPB.”

All the soldiers, who were wearing their military gear, were later sent back across the border to Mexico after they were processed by U.S. law enforcement officials, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

No one soldier was arrested by American law enforcement.

The incident comes as the Biden administration has struggled to grapple with the crisis that has erupted on the southern border over the last several months. The most recent example came from Del Rio, Texas, where up to 30,000 illegal aliens flooded the area, straining the resources of the small Texas town.

Conflicts between state and federal government, specifically in Texas, have caused a major gap in enforcement of illegal immigration. Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has ramped up efforts to ensure safety and security of the shared border with Mexico, even resorting to unprecedented measures.

Abbott ordered all government vehicles in the area to form a “steel barrier” across the border to prevent illegal immigration. This had a tremendous effect on the border crossings, something that Biden’s administration has yet to accomplish.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney