Calls To Defund Public “News” Outlet Reaches All-Time High

The National Public Radio (NPR) received a smattering of backlash from after a posted Twitter thread criticizing the Declaration of Independence as a “document with flaws, deeply ingrained with hypocisy.” NPR decided their Anti-American sentiments were best suited as citizens across the country celebrated July Fourth.

The Far-Left news organization said on Sunday America’s founding document includes “numerous racial slurs against Indigenous Americans” amongst other fallacies.

As a result, many Republicans and those on the Right are demanding NPR be stripped of the taxpayer money they rely so heavily upon.

While NPR does not directly receive federal dollars, it does benefit from grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, funding NPR says is essential to its operations.

They defended their use of federal funding in a write up, claiming, “loss of funding would result in less journalism and eventually the loss of public radio, relied particularly on rural and economically distressed communities.”

Read their full propaganda report here:

NPR has garnered sever backlash from the Right before. The Left-of-Center outlet was slammed by prominent conservatives like Ben Shapiro and Buck Sexton, for suggesting that Pete Butigieg was qualified to lead the U.S. Transportation Department merely because he said he enjoyed taking train rides in college. The outlet also fawned over Buttigieg and his husband’s proposal at an airport terminal.

Democrats have said cutting NPR funding would hurt local public radio stations and said net savings would be zero, citing a report from the Congressional Budget Office.

The liberal media will use whatever tactics they have to protect themselves against the truth. NPR’s advantage is they receive funding from the federal government, which provides them with an extra layer of protection against criticism. Recently the Corporate Press has ramped up their anti-American sentiments at the time when patriotic citizens nationwide are winding down from their Fourth of July celebrations. It comes as no shock to the Right that the left-of-center media continues to push their “America is Racist” tropes, even as the country celebrates its independence.

Author: Asa McCue