Chart-Topping Rapper Warns Freedom Of Speech Is Dead In America

Rapper Bryson Gray, whose hit song “Let’s Go, Brandon” has been banned from multiple platforms, warned that free speech in the United States today only exists for “one side.”

Gray appeared on The Blaze conservative commentator and radio host Glenn Beck’s radio show to discuss his viral song’s success which has sat atop the iTunes rankings for the majority of the week after being pulled from liberal platforms such as Youtube and Instagram who cited “medical misinformation” as the reason for removal.

“Let’s Go Brandon” has become a viral anti-President Joe Biden saying following a recent NASCAR race, where an NBC reporter claimed fans were cheering on the race winner, Brandon Brown, when they were actually chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

“Is there something that’s changing in America?” Beck asked the artist.

“I do think it’s changing, but I think if we actually started paying attention more, it could change faster in a positive light,” Gray said. “There’s obviously something changing in a negative way to where, if you want to be honest in this country, we like to say we’re all free, but in reality, in the public space only one side has free speech.”

“They can say whatever they want about Jesus and get away with it. They can literally do whatever they want. Meanwhile, we can’t even question, make a joke, then we’re banned on platforms if we do that,” Gray continued. “But the good side of it is, if you see what happened to this song, it shot up to number one, but I do not think it would be number one if they didn’t ban it.”

“So that’s a positive side to it. The only problem with that is we do that for, like, a week or two and then we go back to normal,” he said. “And if you actually listen to the lyrics in my ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song, my whole point was that it’s time for us to, like, stand up and stop allowing and succumbing to what’s going on in this country.”

Gray said that conservatives are finally beginning to make up ground in the “culture war,” noting that multiple “Let’s Go Brandon” songs have made it into iTunes’ top rankings.

“It’s a culture war right now and the left has had the grip on the culture war for so long,” Gray said. “I don’t know if you saw but some website wrote an article and said, ‘I can’t believe this moronic song passed Adele’ and then at the end of the article it said ‘Adele will be back number one by the morning. This is just some MAGA cult nonsense, blah, blah, blah.’ Now that was yesterday and this is the morning currently and she has actually dropped to number three behind another ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song.”

Gray announced on Sunday said that his song was pulled from Instagram which following Youtube’s removal of it last week.

According to Fox News, the artist said that the lyric version of the video was first banned, “but then the actual music video was taken down,” too.

Author: Jeff Gantry