CNN Hack Slips — Admits He’s Nothing Without Trump

Liberal journalists are struggling to regain their footing after Trump’s departure from the White House.

Top CNN Hack, Jim Acosta, even admitted that he and many of his colleagues are troubled with a severe case of “post-Trump stress disorder” now that the Former President has wanned from the public eye.

Anchor Brian Stelter asked, “Do you feel like you are rundown, your lineup is really different than it would have been in the Trump years?”

Here’s Acosta’s response:

Trump has remained Enemy No. 1 for the liberal press, but journalists are apparently experiencing a malaise since Biden took office. They’ve even resorted to publishing numerous puff pieces on Joe Biden’s ice cream choices – a far cry from the doom-and-gloom they reported during Trump’s presidency.

Author: Gene Hayworth 

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