Commie Mayor Goes Full Tyrant With New Vaxx Rules

Leave it to one of the most dilapidated cities, with some of the most vile politicians, in a state with the most egregiously criminal COVID policies, to enact a level of authoritarianism never before seen in U.S. history.

On Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all private-sector employees that will be enforced starting December 27, 2021.

De Blasio is heading out the door, but just before ending his time in office, he is imposing new coronavirus restrictions on New York City residents.

The openly Communist mayor is also requiring proof of vaccination for all indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment venues for children ages 5 to 11. In addition to these changes, citizens must receive two vaccine shots as opposed to one to be considered fully vaccinated.

De Blasio called the move a “pre-emptive strike” on COVID ahead of the winter months on the morning talk show.

De Blasio’s mandate differs from Joe Biden’s federal mandate in that it does not discriminate against the of private-sector businesses — every private employee regardless of company size must follow the mandate and be forced into vaccination beginning December 27.

New York City officials have tweeted support for De Blasio’s mandate, adding to the insidiousness surrounding the issue. It isn’t just the Big Man in charge anymore, it’s all his minions showing public support like good little propagandists.

The mayor also added: “NYC is a global leader when it comes to #COVID19 recovery….”

Is that a joke?

New York City was (and is) a complete nightmare in regards to its response to the China Virus.

Residents were mask policed on the streets, businesses are closed for good, and virtually no one can afford to live in the city unless you happen to be a Chinese billionaire or work for one of the news conglomerates headquartered there.

There exists a feeling of doom-and-gloom; a dark cloud blankets New York City, which was once the epicenter of culture, finance, and industry.

Now, thanks to far-left leaders like De Blasio, the once-great city is now a former shell of its previous opulence.

The mandate is set to go in place just four days before de Blasio leaves office. His successor Eric Adams has previously expressed support for existing vaccine mandates in New York City, but it is unclear how we will handle these new changes.

Author: Asa McCue