Contested 2020 State Grants Trump This Major Honor

In 2020, Nevada was one of handful of states that completely botched the presidential election. Massive evidence of fraud has emerged from certain counties in the state. At the time, Trump’s legal team attempted to fight the fraud, only to be turned down by liberal judges who refused to hear the cases.

However, a pro-Trump county in Nevada has decided to bestow Trump with an honor received by many past presidents.

A road in rural Nevada will now be named after President Donald Trump when commissioners In Lyon County voted 4-1 late last week to rename “Old Dayton Valley Road” to “Pres. Trump Way.”

“He was a good leader as far as I’m concerned, he supported law enforcement, he supported our military, he supported the rurals,” said Republican Commissioner Ken Gray.

Lyon County, Nevada was overwhelming pro-Trump during both the 2016 and 2020 presidential election. The Former President earned 69% percent of the county’s votes, winning the area by a 41 point margin against the “winner” of the Nevada Joe Biden. Republicans also swept the local elections in Lyon Country, defeating every Democrat who ran for office.

There are no homes owned by Nevadans on Old Dayton Valley Road, now called Pres. Trump Way. However, the unincorporated municipality of Dayton County will feature a library, high school, and senior center on Pres. Trump Way.

“Show me one street or building or bridge that wasn’t named after somebody that had controversy associated with them,” said Gray, who ran unopposed for his commissioner seat in 2020.

If the community were to petition for a road called “Pres. Obama Way,” Gray said he would vote in favor of the name change.

The proposal must be voted on by the county’s planning committee before the change becomes official.

Author: Asa McCue