Country’s Top Doctor Praises Trump — Puts Media to Shame

As word of the coronavirus outbreak spreads, the media tries to generate panic. Democrats have slammed the president, saying his efforts have not been effective. But one of the nation’s top doctors set the record straight. If it weren’t for one of Trump’s major moves, things would be much different.

The threat of the coronavirus is very real. But, as we keep hearing, the threat to most Americans is very low. Basic preventative measures will ensure the virus will not spread and reduce the risk nationwide.

But that hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from trying to incite a panic. With every new story of a person contracting the disease, the media has tried to make it seem like the sky is falling. Even as our government took direct steps to battle the virus, liberals have tried to twist the story. All so that the markets would freak out and regular Americans would meltdown.

Imagine being so twisted, so full of hate for the president, that you’d try to make a bad situation much worse?
That’s just what the Democrats have been doing since the virus became headline news. Their main narrative is that Trump isn’t doing enough to help battle the disease.

Let’s get real here: we are fighting a virus that can spread rapidly. Even the best plans, from the best people, cannot prevent people from getting infected. Since this problem began, the president took decisive steps. Yet Democrats still bitch like angry children. What would they have him do? Turn back time? Encase the country in a huge bubble?

But one of Trump’s first moves have made a tremendous impact. It was a move top Democrats initially complained about (and want undone today). But our nation’s top doctor just praised him for it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says the outbreak of the Wuhan, China-originated coronavirus would be “worse” if not for President Trump’s implementation of travel bans on China and Iran…

“I believe we would be in a worse position,” Fauci said as Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) asked if the coronavirus outbreak would have been better or worse without Trump’s travel bans…

While the nation’s leading medical experts say travel bans have been immensely effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus, House and Senate Democrats are looking to stop travel bans with newly introduced legislation. [Source: Breitbart]

We know the virus spreads mainly through what is called “community spread.” That means from person to person. The best way of stopping this? By preventing infected people from getting to us! Shutting down our borders to China and Iran was a pivotal decision by the president. It significantly limited the chances the virus could reach our shores.

Considering it originated in China, and hit Iran very hard, we would be idiotic to let potentially infected people in.

Yet right now, Democratic idiots want to force Trump to reopen the borders. Do these people want more Americans infected?

We all know the answer to that.

Democrats have proven to be total morons, who seek to hurt us more than help us. They want to see the economy tanked, so Trump will have a harder time getting re-elected. They want Americans to lose their jobs, suffer from a terrible disease, and watch loved ones die. All so they can win an election.

How twisted is that?

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is working around the clock to battle and contain this disease. Vice President Pence and his task force are doing a monumental job to ensure our safety. Much of what they are doing they will probably never get credit for.

Yet they do it, not for praise or props, but so fewer Americans die.

Can we say the same about the Democrats?

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