Crumbing Job Market Causes CEOs To Buck Biden’s Mandate

Well wouldn’t you know.

It turns out American workers are against being subjected to heinous invasions of privacy and forced medical treatments just to hold down a job.

Biden’s vaccine mandate is having the opposite effect: more people are skeptical and even more are unwilling to get the shot.

Instead of selling the vaccine, using it as a tool for success, the Biden administration has relied on propaganda and government overreach to force the population into granting him a political win. He’s chastised, degraded, and dehumanized the unvaccinated on numerous occasions — and now he’s threatening their livelihoods.

America’s top CEOs are taking note and many are are second guessing Biden’s decision to intervene in the private work force to such an extent.

On Tuesday, Executives with United Parcel Service Inc, Walt Disney and other companies met with White House officials with questions on Sleep Joe’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement plan for private-sector workers, amid concerns it could worsen labor shortages and supply chain woes.

The mandate would apply to businesses with 100 or more employees, and would affect about 80 million workers nationwide.

White House sources revealed implementation of the mandate is being fast-tracked and will be formally announced as early as this week. It was not clear how much time employers will have to implement it.

Many of the industry groups have raised concerns such as labor shortages and OSHA regulations could worsen existing supply-chain problems facing U.S. companies ahead of the holiday shopping season. Other topics, such as testing requirements and who will bear the cost, also were raised.

Biden’s plan has drawn a mixed reaction from industry trade groups and companies.

Several big employers including Procter & Gamble Co and 3M Co, along with airlines such as American Airlines and JetBlue Airways Corp, have imposed vaccination mandates since Biden’s announcement last month. Others such as IBM have said they will require all U.S. employees to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, no matter how often they come into the office.

Some other large U.S. employers, such as Walmart, have yet to issue broad requirements.

The vaccine order has spurred pushback from many Republican governors, including Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott of Texas, who issued an executive order banning businesses in his state from requiring vaccinations for employees. Although some, such as American Airlines, have said they plan to proceed with vaccination rules.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth