Cuomo’s Accusers Drop Another Bombshell

A former press aide to now-Governor Cuomo revealed that his constant hugging oftentimes came with a little something extra…

Karen Hinton made a media firestorm when she admitted that Cuomo forcefully hugged her while he was “aroused.” This shocking detail comes as Cuomo battles for his political future, his integrity, and his governorship. 

Hinton said this to the press:

In 2000, Hinton alleges that Andrew Cuomo embraced “too tightly” numerous times in a hotel room in Los Angeles. At the time Cuomo was serving as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under Bill Clinton. Hinton worked for HUD between 1995-1999. 

Cuomo categorically denied Hinton’s allegations in a public statement on March 7th: 

“She has been a longtime political adversary of mine. Everyone even remotely related to politics in New York knows that. She’s made many, many accusations and has been highly critical of me for years,” the Governor said in his defense. Cuomo also revealed that Hinton previously worked for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio as a press secretary.  

At least seven women have been plagued by Governor Cuomo’s unwanted touching and workplace flirtations. The governor is facing numerous call to resign but refuses, citing his innocence from the allegations. Attorney General Letitia James announced she is currently investigating the allegations against Cuomo while state officials are set to launch an impeachment probe.  

Cuomo has lost support from his major allies in the federal government, namely Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York. Joe Biden has voiced his concerns, but has chosen to wait until the conclusion of the investigation.

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