DC Undergoes Terrifying Transformation Thanks To Pelosi

Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin’s approval of a request from Nancy Pelosi to keep national guard troops in Washington D.C. until at least May 23rd. 

The approval came with a caveat that the number of troops will be reduced from 5,000 to about 2,300 through mid March. 

His statement added the number would reduce further “as conditions allow.”

Republicans — and even some Democrats — have voiced their concern and confusion over keeping D.C. essentially on military lockdown with out any credible threat. 

Capitol Police initially requested National Guard troops to help manage large crowds on Jan. 6. Their request was granted and by inauguration day, over 20,000 troops were present in the Capitol. On March 12, the number of troops reduced to about 5,000 where it currently stands. U.S. taxpayers have spend nearly $500 million on this so far. 

Nancy Pelosi commissioned a Capitol Safety task force which demanded immediate response to threats coming from “white nationalists” and “Trump supporters.”

However, the majority of Trump supporters in D.C. on January 6 did not commit violations at the Capitol.

Out of approximately 25,000 present for then-President Donald Trump’s speech at the White House, only several hundred have been arrested for violations which include charges of trespassing.

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