Democrats Clawed at Each Other in Wild, Unwatchable Debate

There was yet another Democratic primary debate last night in Las Vegas, Nevada. And like the city that hosted it, the debate was filled with chaos, confusion, and vicious barbs. Mike Bloomberg made his debate debut and was quickly slammed by his rivals. He didn’t hold any punches either. All in all, it was a night of nonsense.

It’s very interesting how, this far into the primaries, we’re still doing this debate thing. Around this time during the 2016 Republican primaries there were really only two contenders left: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Both terrific options for president, by the way. There was no doubt that one of these men would be the nominee.

Yet after all the talking, campaigning, and debating, Democrats still don’t know which one of these clowns they want running for president. We’ve watched a handful fall by the wayside, but it’s such a mess, new people are joining all the time.

The liberal media forced us to watch this train wreck unfold in the latest debate (unless you were smart enough to watch anything else, like paint drying). As usual, the Democrats laid out their terrible plans for this country, plans that would bankrupt our economy and send us back to the Dark Ages.

But these people weren’t above slandering each other. Oh boy, were the knives out last night.

The Democrats’ showdown Wednesday night in Las Vegas repeatedly put Bloomberg in his primary rivals’ crosshairs as the surging billionaire made his debate-stage debut. But the conflagration quickly expanded into an all-out melee and easily the most aggressive debate of the nomination season to date, as each of the candidates took sharp and often personal shots at one another.

The fight started out white-hot when, in her first turn at the microphone, Warren asserted that she would support whoever wins the nomination, but warned that Democrats “take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another.” [Source: Fox News]

Ooo, these communists got real nasty with each other. Bloomberg finally fought back against Bernie Sanders saying, “the best-known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses.”

Ouch! Elizabeth Warren tried to shame Bloomberg by accusing him of calling women “fat broads” and “horse-faced lesbians.” Hey, horse-faced lesbians need love too, Warren!

Warren’s wild attacks against Bloomberg resulted in cheers and boos from the audience.
Buttigieg went after Sanders’ health care plan, pointing out it will cost $50 trillion, but he’s only “explained $25 trillion in revenue.”

The two ladies on the stage traded barbs as well. Warren slammed Klobuchar’s health care plan, saying it was “like a Post-It note: ‘Insert plan here.’” Klobuchar fired back as best she could, saying she supported the disastrous “public option” found in Obamacare.

The fighting continued with personal attacks against each of the candidates. Biden got his, but he also slammed Bloomberg. It seems each candidate took turns attacking the billionaire, especially over his notorious “stop-and-frisk” policy.

But lost in all the confusion were any concrete plans for America. Or how any of these people can provide a better future than what Trump is currently providing.

Honestly, which of these clowns’ agenda would do more for jobs, national security, and every other issue facing Americans—than Trump’s? They focused quite a bit on health care—one issue Trump has been fighting to fix. Yet their plans amount to taxing hard-working Americans and forcing them to take government-run medical coverage.

Can you imagine how terrible that would be?

But by all means, Democrats, keep fighting. Tear each other limb from limb, if you must. Keep showing the American people that not one of you is fit to run this country. How many more debates do you need, before we can call it quits?

Something tells me, many more.

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