Democrats Have Sudden Change Of Heart On Far-Left Rioting


Rioters in Portland, Oregon, have once again taken to the streets. Federal agents have used tear gas and pepper balls. All this, just hours after President Biden’s inauguration. As expected, the outrage over federal officers in Portland doesn’t match July’s fever pitch.

Rioters smashed out the windows at a local Democratic Party headquarters, and some 150 rioters armed with rocks, shields, and “electronic control weapons similar to Tasers” vandalized an Immigration and Customs Enforcement building. Federal officers deployed tear gas once the rioters started throwing rocks at the building.

Portland has become a home to frequent riots, thanks to the nonexistent leadership of Mayor Ted Wheeler. This is what Portland’s residents have voted for. But the federal government has a responsibility to protect federal buildings, and when it tried to act on that in July, Democrats threw a tantrum.

Rioters had attempted to burn down a federal courthouse in Portland, leading President Donald Trump to send in federal law enforcement. Officers faced a much larger and more violent mob then, as rioters threw Molotov cocktails at the courthouse. Officers were hit with hammers, fireworks, and chunks of concrete. Rioters at one point barricaded federal officers inside the courthouse while attempting to set it on fire.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the federal officers “storm troopers.” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that federal officers protecting federal property from a violent mob was “so un-American, so in keeping with third-world countries and dictatorships.” Then-candidate Biden said that Trump was “brutally attacking peaceful protesters.” Establishment media ran cover for their partisan attacks, insisting that the violent mobs were mostly peaceful.

It was nice to see Democrats finally find a riot they could unequivocally condemn when Trump’s mob stormed the U.S. Capitol building. But there is no denying that they surrendered their credibility to condemn rioting after last summer, when they pretended that all riots were simply peaceful protests and, therefore, any law enforcement response was excessive.

Of course, federal officers aren’t Biden’s storm troopers. They weren’t Trump’s either. The rioters attacking the Democratic Party headquarters and the ICE building yesterday were not peaceful protesters. Neither were the ones throwing hammers at officers defending the courthouse last July.

If Democrats are going to stop smearing federal officers as inciting riots now that Biden is in charge, it’s a welcome shift. Federal officers are still doing their job while Portland’s Democratic mayor and the state’s Democratic governor sit on their hands. As usual, the facts haven’t changed — just the politics.

Author: Zachary Faria

Source: Washington Examiner: Democrats don’t think federal officers in Portland are storm troopers anymore

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