Democrats Hysterical After Biden Gives Up On Campaign

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With just 40 days to go before the November election, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has once again called a “lid” on the day’s activities.

Thursday’s 9:20 am call marked the 9th day — in the month of September alone — that the campaign has called a lid before noon.

BBC reporter Nick Bryant drew a comparison between the Biden campaign and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying, “Calling a lid so early in the day is extraordinary this close to an election. Reminds me of following Hillary Clinton in 2016, who had days when her handlers would hardly schedule any appearances. The campaign felt listless and complacent. Is Joe Biden falling into the same trap?”

The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein argued that the lids were being called in order for Biden prep for the upcoming debates.

But as Biden himself said on Wednesday, he hadn’t really begun his debate prep and was planning to start that in earnest on Thursday.

The Biden campaign has often been criticized for refusing to take questions. “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, who is set to moderate the first debate, called it “the damnedest thing” when none of the campaign surrogates made appearances on the Sunday shows ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

Author: Virginia Kruta

Source: Daily Caller: With Just 40 Days To Go, Biden Campaign Calls A ‘Lid’ Before 9:30 AM

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