Democrats On Fire As Biden Backs Down On “Infrastructure”

It’s been reported that Joe Biden has negotiated down from his initial $1.7 trillion “infrastructure” proposal to appease concerned Republicans over the amount of federal spending already occurring in his administration.

Biden even offered to change his stance on corporate tax hikes — a main revenue builder for his Far-Left agenda and a giant point of contention for Far-Left Democrats.

The president met with top Senate Republican Shelley Capito who’s leading the negotiations on Biden’s mamouth “infrastructure” bill. Little has been reported on the meeting as it was a closed-door affair, but sources close to Capito said Biden is willing to come “way down” on his initial offer.

Sources said that Biden initially tried to hold firm on his corporate tax hikes, but was willing to come down nearly a $1 trillion, cutting the measure nearly in half. However, it’s now come to light that the whacked-out president may even waver on his corporate tax stance. .

It’s no secret that despite what’s in the final bill, Biden still wants to raise the corporate tax rate. It currently sits at 21 percent and the current administration would like to see it at 28 percent. This tax rise could be negotiated outside of what’s currently being discussed in the “infrastructure” bill.

Republicans initially proposed only $257 billion in new spending as part of their latest $928 billion infrastructure offer.

Republican leaders are set to announce another counteroffer as early as Friday.

Meanwhile, the radical Democrat lawmakers are suggesting passing the massive spending bill without Republican support whatsoever. Unfortunately for them, a recent Senate Parliamentarian ruling shot down their efforts, making limits as to how many times Democrats are able to abuse the budget reconciliation process that allows a 51-vote minimum as opposed to the 60 typical needed.

Capito was scheduled to talk with Biden again on Friday, likely via phone.

“It’s a great dance but at some point the music is going to stop. Clearly no side wants to give in here,” one Republican told reporters.

Biden’s legislative negotiations are moving at a colossal pace, and time is running out for the deal. The administration has set a June 7 deadline to see clear direction and signs of progress.

Autor: Val Dohm