Democrats Panic After Trump’s Rebuttal Plan Leaks

(Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images)

David Schoen, on former President Donald Trump’s legal team in his second impeachment hearing, said Thursday the legal team will expose the “hypocrisy” of the Democratic impeachment managers when it finally takes up its case on Friday.

As the impeachment managers were making their case on Thursday, Schoen left the Senate chambers to speak live to Fox News Channel about his team’s likely rebuttal strategy.

“I think you will at least be moved by what you see and get a much better picture of what exactly is going on in the hypocrisy and some of the positions taken by the house managers in this case,” Schoen said.

“Everyone in that room and the House will look bad,” he added. “Our politicians will look bad if this thing goes forward, and that’s a very unfortunate situation.”

Asked whether Trump’s defense team would use its entire 16 hours of allotted time, Schoen said, “There’s no reason for us to be out there for a long time.”

After a divided Senate ruled 56-44 that the impeachment of the former president was constitutional and could proceed, House managers spent Wednesday and Thursday showing vivid videos of the Jan. 6 Capitol siege. They argued that evidence, including some of the rioters’ own words, showed that President Trump had inspired the deadly siege and egged on his supporters at a rally earlier that day.

The 50 Dems in the Senate need to win over 17 Republican colleagues to secure a conviction on the inciement of insurrection charge — 11 more than voted to call the proceeding against Trump constitutional.

Author: News Max Staff

Source: News Max: Team Trump’s Rebuttal Strategy: Lay Out Democrats’ ‘Hypocrisy’

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