Democrats Playing Games Over Virus, Trump Hits Back

Since the coronavirus hit the country, Congress has managed to pass two bills to bring relief. But a third, larger package was stalled, because Democrats were playing partisan games. In fact, Dems in Congress were trying to use this crisis to push unrelated, progressive funding. So, the president slammed lawmakers, demanding to put aside the politics.

The United States government forced much of our economy into a shut down. Claiming this would slow the spread of COVID-19, the government required significant changes through the end of March. Limiting gatherings of 10 or more, among other steps, has put a dent in nearly all businesses.

Some Americans will struggle to make ends meet. Since the government created this mess, it should help clean it up, right? The federal government has been talking about sending checks to Americans stuck during this crisis. That infusion of cash will help put food on the table, while keeping small businesses afloat.

But early this week, those plans were stalled when Senate Democrats blocked a Republican bill. Then, Nancy Pelosi put forward her own bogus bill that provided funding for everything under the sun—unrelated to the crisis.

Cleary, the left is just playing politics. So, Trump had to drop the hammer.

President Trump demanded on Monday that the Senate “stop playing partisan politics” and pass a massive stimulus bill meant to jumpstart a flagging economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic…

“They must pass the Senate bill as written and stop playing partisan politics,” Trump said during an evening news conference with the White House coronavirus task force. “They have to make a deal.”

While Trump did not specifically call out Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., or other Democrats in the Senate, his comments on Thursday hit on arguments made by his fellow Republicans that Democrats are using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to push unrelated political agendas. [Source: Fox News]

It’s no secret Democrats are trying to use this crisis to forward their agenda. Imagine being so morally bankrupt that you’d use a health crisis to push leftist goals? But that is exactly what Democrats are doing. Instead of putting Americans first, they are trying to force far-left measures into the next relief package.

Sen. Mitch McConnell and Trump condemned Democrats for scheming like this. Americans are suffering from uncertainty and economic pressure—created by the government. The least the government can do is provide some relief to help us until this crisis is over.

Why can’t Democrats, for once, just be decent human beings? Why do they see a crisis as an opportunity to pass measures the country would reject during other times? They know most Americans don’t like their platform. So, they are hoping we won’t notice the billions put toward those goals, hidden in a bill meant to help Americans.

I guess you can say, Democrats really don’t care about us, huh?

It seems like Trump’s words are having an effect, as they often do. After Trump’s press briefing yesterday, Senate leaders continued working through the night. At the time of this writing, word is lawmakers are reaching a deal. They expect Republicans and Democrats to be able to pass a package sometime Tuesday.

If they are able to pass this bill, it means President Trump’s influence over Congress is growing. The men and women who day-and-night complain about him are starting to listen to his directives. They are acknowledging his role in leading the country and are going to great pains to get the job done. Finally.

It only took a global crisis for them to actually do the right thing.

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