Democrats Ready Their Weapons Against Top MAGA Lawmaker

The increasingly radical House Democrats are rallying against a one-in-a-million shot to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress. 

Democrat Rep. Jimmy Gomez is leading the charge, introducing the resolution with more than 70 House Democrats on board. 

Not a single House Republican has signed on to the effort, nor have any of them commented on the effort to remove Rep. Greene. 

To succeed, Democrats will need a two-third majority vote. Given their small majority (219-211) in the lower chamber, it is highly unlikely the resolution will pass.  

As a freshman congresswoman from Georgia, Greene was stripped of her committee assignments after a group of Democrats, and a handful of Republicans, voted to punish her based on past controversial statements. 

Rep. Greene made a splash when she introduced articles of impeachment against the newly-elected President Joe Biden. 

Greene took to her twitter to comment on the resolution: 

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