Democrats Slammed By Survivor Of Maoist China — Issues Grave Warning

A Chinese woman who survived the brutal and lethal regime of Mao Zedong recently spoke out against the school board in Loudoun County, Virginia, criticizing them for their adoption and championing of the racist educational trend of Critical Race Theory. She warned them that the curriculum “seems very familiar” in that it teaches using the same template and arguments if you simply exchange the words “class” for “race.” She said that CRT is the American equivalent “of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.”

Only given one minute for comment, the Chinese woman didn’t waste time getting to the heart of the matter, saying that she’s “very alarmed” by the recent curriculum in the schools, and said that they are training the youth “to be social justice warriors” who “loathe our country and our history.” She warned that she remembers growing up in Maoist China, and how familiar CRT is to the Communist regime’s use of “critical theory” in order to “divide people.”

She continued by saying that during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, she saw firsthand how “students and teachers” would “turn against each other.” She said that other common practice was to “[change] school names to be politically correct,” as well as “denounce our heritage.” She further stated that the Red Guards actively destroyed everything that was not in line with Communism, to include “old statues, books, and anything else.”

Another aspect of the Chinese Cultural Revolution was how students were encouraged to snitch on one another, reporting unpatriotic activity to the authorities. She said that the Communist program was identical to existing American programs such as the Bias Reporting system and the Student Equity Ambassador program.

In her short speech, she concluded that CRT “has its roots in cultural Marxism” and therefore “should have no place in our schools.”

Loudoun County parents have filed a federal suit against the school board on the grounds that school leadership is violating students’ right to free speech. The lawsuit specifically targets the aforementioned reporting programs, which encourage students to anonymously report instances of ‘racist behavior’ through online forms.

Author: Don Norris