Democrats Target Member Of Their Party After Thanking President Trump

White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

Michigan Democrats are planning to vote on Saturday to censure a colleague who was suffering from COVID-19 and then publicly thanked the president for saving her life.

The Detroit Democrat, Rep. Karen Whitsett, praised President Trump for informing her and the rest of the country about the life saving anti-malarial drug – hydroxychloroquine – that cured her of COVID-19.

Drawing parallels to the methods used by the communist parties around the world looking to maintain their stranglehold on power, the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization is now going after Whitsett.

Democrats are claiming she broke protocol by meeting with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence during an April 14 meeting of coronavirus survivors and for crediting hydroxychloroquine with saving her life.

Whitsett earlier this month made an appearance on Fox News and said that if it weren’t for Trump pushing the drug through the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process for off-label use and touting it repeatedly during his daily press briefings, she may not have survived the disease.

“I really want to say that you have to give this an opportunity,” she said on the show. “For me, it saved my life. I only can go by what it is that I have gone through and what my story is, and I can’t speak for anyone else. So that’s not what I’m trying to do here. I’m only speaking for myself.”

The resolution to censure Whitsett claims she “misrepresented the needs and priorities” of Democratic leadership to the president and public. The resolution also says she’s participated in events with the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan to express gratitude to the president.

The resolution states, according to a copy obtained by The Detroit News, that Whitsett “has repeatedly and publicly praised the president’s delayed and misguided COVID-19 response efforts in contradiction with the scientifically based and action-oriented response” from Michigan’s Democratic leadership, “endangering the health, safety and welfare of her constituents, the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan.”

In other words, this Democrat is being cannibalized by her own party for not spreading their scripted message of hate and fear-mongering.

The 13th Congressional Democratic further claims that Whitsett made negative comments about the Democratic Party and refused to attend a “screening” of candidates for her house district.

Whitsett responded by saying, “I don’t have time for politics, that’s ridiculous, during a pandemic, that they think I have time for a screening. … I have people that need me.”

This is not the first case of the Democrats attempting to write off one of their own for disagreeing with their pre-determined hate for the president and all conservatives alike.

Earlier this week a Georgia lawmaker, Democrat Vernon Jones, was forced to resign after a wave of attacks came at him from within his own party after he issued a surprise endorsement for President Trump.

On Thursday however, Jones decided to stand up to the mob-like Democrats and decided to reverse his resignation.

“Yesterday, I announced my intentions to resign from my office,” Jones tweeted on Thursday.

“But shortly thereafter, the outpour[sic] of support I received was too great for me to ignore. I will not allow the Democrats to bully me into submission. I will not let them win. I will NOT resign.”

In another tweet Thursday, Jones accused Democrats of acting like “the bigots they claim to hate.”

“The way the Democrat Party has treated me this past week has made one thing clear: they are the bigots they claim to hate and I won’t be silent about it,” he said.

In an accompanying video, Jones said: “I will continue to let the Democratic Party know that the bigotry within this party is hurting African-Americans — and more and more African-Americans are thinking independently.”

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