Democrats Try To Corner Amy Coney Barrett – Quickly Regret It

Photo Via AP

The Democrats are becoming increasingly frustrated as brilliant Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has refused to fall for any of the many traps the left wing lawmakers have tried to set for her.

Barrett has withstood hours upon hours of ridiculous questioning from senators while maintaining her composure and impressed many with her intellect while Democrats have been forced to settle for calling the hearing a “sham.”

The Democrats have attempted to label Barrett as biased, but she has managed to outsmart them at every turn.

Barrett quickly corrected a suggestion by Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar Wednesday that Barrett had cut an implicit deal with President Donald Trump on Obamacare.

Klobuchar focused a line of questioning around the Affordable Care Act Wednesday afternoon, like Democratic California Sen Kamala Harris did Tuesday evening, pressing Barrett on whether Barrett knew when she was nominated that one of Trump’s campaign promises was to repeal Obamacare.

“As I said before, I’m aware that the president opposes the Affordable Care Act,” Barrett responded.

“Well, I know you are aware now,” Klobuchar said. “But were you aware back then? When you were nominated?”

“Senator Klobuchar, I think that the Republicans have kind of made that clear, it’s just been part of the book, public discourse,” the Supreme Court nominee responded.

“Is the answer yes, then,” Klobuchar pressed Barrett, who interrupted her.

“Well, Senator Klobuchar, all these questions you are suggesting that I have animus or that I cut a deal with the president,” Barrett told her. “And I was very clear yesterday that that isn’t what happened.”

In another instance, Barrett made clear her judicial independence, including from her mentor, Justice Antonin Scalia.

Since Barrett admittedly subscribes to the same originalist judicial philosophy that Scalia championed, Democrats claim that Scalia’s past votes against Obamacare, gay marriage and the Voting Rights Act would be hers too.

When questioned by Democrat Sen. Chris Coons, Barrett told the senator it’s unfair to expect she would decide a case just as her mentor had done.

“I hope that you aren’t suggesting that I don’t have my own mind,” Barrett said, “or that I couldn’t think independently or that I would just decide like, ‘Let me see what Justice Scalia has said about this in the past.’

“I assure you I have my own mind,” Barrett said.

Judge Barrett’s impressive performance throughout the hearings has resulted in an increase in public support for her confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Morning Consult and Politico surveyed roughly 2,000 registered voters from Oct. 9-11, ending the polling on the eve of Barrett’s first day of hearings in the Senate. The survey found that support for Barret’s confirmation had ticked up slightly from 46% a week ago to 48%, though still within the poll’s 2-point margin of error. The level of opposition to Barrett’s confirmation remained unchanged at 31%.

The polling serves as a counter to the Democrat politicians’ argument that the Supreme Court seat vacancy created by the passing of former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be left open for the winner of the 2020 presidential election to fill.

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