Desire To Get Back To Work Strongest Amongst Workers With This Political Affiliation

By William Davis May 1st, 2020 | Image Source : Daily Caller

The results of a new poll show a majority of Republicans now say it’s time to end the coronavirus shutdowns and let Americans get back to work.

A reported 51% of Republicans think it’s a good idea to return to work without further testing, compared to 47% that don’t, according to a poll published Wednesday by NPR, PBS, and Marist. The poll also found that just 13% of Democrats and 34% of Independents believe it’s a good idea to return people to work without further testing.

Overall, 31% of registered voters are ready to return to work without testing, compared to 67% who are not.

The poll was conducted between April 21 and April 26, among 851 registered voters, and has a margin of error of roughly 3.7%. The poll comes as many conservatives call to reopen the economy after more than a month of lockdown.

Some states, including Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, began the process of reopening their economies earlier this week.

Author: William Davis

Source: Daily Caller: Poll: Majority Of Republicans Say It Is Time To Get Back To Work

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