Desperate Kamala Attempts Biden-Harris Damage Control — Fails Miserably

Try as she might, Kamala Harris cannot hide from the obvious fact that she and Biden are not seeing eye to eye.

Numerous reports, interviews from staffers, and White House insiders all claim that a growing rift is forming between the President and Vice President as failure usurps the entire Democrat Party.

Kamala is failing to make any headway on the border crisis after Joe Biden installed her as point person. As a matter of fact it’s only gotten worse as the progressive VP focuses more on ‘climate change’ and women’s issues than common sense policy changes which reduce the levels of illegal migration.

Not only that, Kamala has largely taken a back seat despite early efforts to portray Biden and Harris as equals.

Now the White House is scrambling to shift as even liberal networks begin reporting on the growing tensions.

Kamala Harris recently appeared on “Good Morning America,” a bastion of Fake News, to clear up some “rumors” that she is unhappy with her role in the Biden-Harris administration.

This interview comes directly after Kamala’s communications director announced her abrupt resignation.

Immediately it was glaringly obvious that Kamala was by no means willing to tell the truth about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

She claimed this was “a good week” despite the growing border crisis, her boss’ failed vaccine mandate, and the resignation of a key staffer.

On her assignment as US-Mexico border point person, a delusional Kamala Harris truly believes she’s making strides to correcting the unprecedented levels of illegal immigration, claiming “they’re getting things done.”

Here Kamala is clinging to what little relevance she has left.

A recent CNN report contradicts Kamala’s border optimism”

“Harris herself has said she didn’t want to be assigned to manage the border, aware that it was a no-win political situation that would only sandbag her in the future. But Biden’s team was annoyed that Harris fumbled answers about the border, including when she gave an awkward, laughing response about not visiting it during a spring interview with NBC’s Lester Holt.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has attempted to come to Kamala’s rescue by claiming it’s racist and sexist to oppose the Vice President.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney