Details Emerge Of Cuomo’s Sex Scandal — And It’s a Doozy

Things are going from bad to worse for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Cuomo, once a heralded Democrat with deep ties to Biden, has been accused by a former aide of years on ongoing sexual assault both in the workplace and outside of it. 

Lindsey Boylan, who worked for Cuomo in New York state economic development office, detailed the incidents in a lengthy blog post.

She describes many unsolicited kisses, invitations to play “strip poker,” and Cuomo’s constant touching of Boylan’s lower back and buttocks. 

“Sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive in Gov. Cuomo’s administration that not only is it condoned, but it’s expected.,” Boylan wrote. “The unwanted sexual attention he gave to woman was a sign you were doing something right, an indication that he liked you.”

“His critics were silenced by intimidation. If you decided to speak out, it was assumed you’d be dealing with intense consequences,” Boylan wrote. 

Cuomo has repeatedly denied these allegations. A spokesperson for the governor reiterated Cuomo’s innocence this week.

“Ms. Boylan’s claims of inappropriate behavior are quite simply false,” Cuomo’s spokeswoman said.

In her essay, Boylan included many incriminating emails she received from Cuomo’s office over the course of her employment.

She said she became fearful back in 2016 when the governor’s personal bodyguard escorted Boylan to Cuomo’s executive office.

As she entered Cuomo’s office, she noticed they were completely alone. The governor gave her a tour, referencing a cigar box given to him by former president Bill Clinton during his tenure in the administration. Boylan recounts, “The two-decade old reference to President (Bill) Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was not lost on me.”

Boylan said Cuomo sensed her fear and distrust and quickly escorted her out of his office. 

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