Disturbing New Biden Policy Proves Trump Right Yet Again

Another prediction from Former President Donald Trump has been proven right.

On the campaign trail Trump repeatedly warned voters that Biden wanted to put low-income housing in the suburbs, essentially abolishing and ruining suburban America. Joe refuted those claims, of course, but it turns out that was his plan on all along. President Joe Biden is attempting to “destroy” American suburbs with the reconciliation infrastructure package, proving former President Donald Trump’s prediction correct.

At the time Biden said, Trump is “trying to scare because an awful lot of suburbanites are now deciding they’re going to vote for me, at least the data suggests, as opposed to him.”

And the mainstream media even resorted to their typical “Trump is a racist” trope in defense of Biden.

Here’s what The New York Times published at the time:

However, Democrats are indeed planning to replace single family homes with high-rise low-income apartment buildings by federalizing local zoning laws they intend to pass in the infrastructure reconciliation bill. For the Democrats, the big picture is to turn the suburbs blue, and data shows they are well on their way.

The reconciliation package plans to begin the destruction of the suburbs via a measure within the package called the “HOMES Act,” which intends to put the federal government in charge of local zoning laws to change local demographics, impacting the already purple voting districts.

Local governments that refuse to comply with the federal zoning guidelines, those that ban the construction of apartment buildings or set a minimum lot size for a single family home, the Department of Housing and Urban Development will be authorized to cut of funding to the city.

The policy is backwards because that funding would have been used to maintain the city’s current low-income house structures.

Other consequences for local suburban governments who refuse to comply with Biden’s zoning laws are losing taxpayer-funded grants used for transportation, which states rely on to fix local streets and highways.

Republicans will have little say in the matter as Biden hopes to pass the spending package using a budget reconciliation tactic that doesn’t require GOP consent. Still, the package is being negotiated by a group of moderate bipartisan lawmakers, with strong demands from the Far-Left Democrats.

The reconciliation package is rumored to be anywhere from $4 trillion to $10 trillion, almost tripling the entire revenue for America’s 2021 fiscal year.

Author: Asa McCue