Disturbing Videos Show The Consequences Of Biden’s Open Border Policies

From bad to worse — that’s the logically trajectory of Biden’s presidency thus far.

On day one, Joe Biden reversed or destroyed the Trump-era policies that ensured a safe and secure US-Mexico border. Now swarms of illegal immigrants have destroyed Trump’s progress, infected border towns with COVID and crime, and are generally wreaking havoc as Biden enjoys an extended vacation.

A striking video released Saturday showed thousands of migrants camping under a Texas bridge with makeshift shelters made from sticks and plants.

The video shows approximately 15,000 undocumented, mostly Haitian migrants camping under the Del Rio International Bridge with makeshift shelters and disturbing, squalid conditions. An overwhelming influx of Haitian, along with a smaller number of Cuban, Venezuelan and Honduran migrants, have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border into Del Rio in recent days.

Border officials reported Friday that over 9,000 migrants were waiting to be processed under the Del Rio International Bridge. A few hundred crossed the Rio Grande River, prompting Joe Biden’s administration to ramp up deportation flights and deploy 400 federal agents to the bridge.

Only 400 of tens of thousands illegal immigrants have been deported?!

The migrants have been living in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, reportedly sleeping on the dirt floor in brutally hot temperatures that have often reached over 100 degrees. The illegal border crossers knew exactly what they were in for though, as the Biden administration insists that our borders remain closed.

However, their actions paint a different picture.

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano previously said that the migrants have no access to food, water and bathroom facilities and asked Del Rio citizens to help in assisting the immigrants.

An influx of Haiti migrants began to enter the U.S. in June in response to the assassination of Haiti President Jovenel Moise and a series of earthquakes. Border Patrol agents deployed by the Del Rio Station arrested a total of 180 Haitians attempting to cross the southern border by June 11.

Republicans insist that the Biden administration reinstate the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, that requires migrants to reside in Mexico as they await their immigration court hearings in the U.S., the outlet reported.

Democrat County Judge Lewis Owens claimed that ten buses brought migrants to Del Rio overnight and blamed the Mexican government for allowing the illegal migration to reach the U.S.

What do the Democrats expect?

The Biden administration has shown zero willingness to work with Mexico, or any Latin American country, to combat the illegal immigration problem. Kamala Harris has ventured to the hot beds of northern migration, but chose to focus on what she calls the “main drives” of illegal border crossing – climate change and lack of opportunities for women.

Meanwhile, since her state visits, the border has ultimately crumbled under the pressure of record-breaking illegal migration.

Kamala’s visits did nothing to deter migrants.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth