Domino Effect: GOP Governor Outlaws Biden’s Vaxx Tyranny

One by one, Republican Governors are taking bold action to prevent citizens of their states from falling victim to Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates and forced medical testing.

The mandate alone has spooked American workers from staying at jobs that they know will be forced to require vaccination or COVID testing. This highly unreported fact has contributed to the labor crisis and even caused a supply chain crisis we are experiencing today.

However, according to the Biden administration, mandates “work” and supply chain issues are merely a result of Biden’s bustling economy.

Total lunacy.

Still, Republican governors are simply want nothing to do with Biden’s unprecedented attacks on individual freedom and privacy. Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey is the latest to take bold action to stop the craziness.

On Tuesday, Ivey signed an executive order calling for state agencies not to impose penalties on businesses or individuals who do not abide by federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Ivey slammed President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandates, which are scheduled to go into effect Dec. 8, calling them an “outrageous overreach” and insisted Alabamians “must have the choice” to get the shots or not.

Joe Biden laughs at the idea of protecting individual freedom and unabashedly mocks and berates unvaccinated Americans, so any elected official willing to stand up against that is a win for the American people.

Under Ivey’s executive order, state agencies are barred from penalizing employees or businesses for failure to comply with the federal mandates, which state that businesses with at least 100 workers must require them to get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing for the coronavirus.

However, until Biden’s vaccine mandate reaches the Supreme Court, any executive order on the state level can only legally apply to those working in the executive branch since federal law takes inordinate precedent.

Universities in the state said they intend to follow the federal mandate for contractors, having informed employees they would have to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8 for fear of retribution from Biden’s government.

“Failure to comply will place our universities in jeopardy of losing hundreds of millions of dollars received through federal contracts and awards, as well as thousands of jobs funded by those dollars.”

What a backwards world we live in today.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth