Donald Trump Jr Calls out Hunter Biden—”Debate Me”

By Daily Wire News March 9th, 2020 | Image Source : Daily Wire

Much has been said about former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. But although the Democrats impeached Trump over Hunter, we’ve learned very little about him. Now, his father might end up running against Trump for the presidency. Donald Trump Jr. wants the facts straight from Hunter’s mouth. So, he’s proposing a debate.

You’re probably familiar with Hunter Biden, by now. On several occasions, we’ve learned he cashed-in big time on his father’s job. When Joe Biden was negotiating with China, Hunter Biden’s company received millions in investments from Chinese companies.

Then, of course, there is Ukraine. We know that Hunter Biden had worked for Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. At the same time, a top Ukrainian prosecutor was investigation the company. Lo, and behold, Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars from the country, unless they fired that prosecutor.

Sounds like a shocking conflict of interest to me.

Many have said that if this situation was going on between Donald Trump and his son, the media would be outraged. Congress would have demanded an immediate investigation. But they’ve been all but silent on matter—because it’s the son of a Democrat.

Now, Donald Trump’s son wants to set the record straight. His plan? To challenge Hunter Biden to an open debate. Let’s see who benefitted from his father most.

Donald Trump Jr. wants to debate Hunter Biden in a bid to prove the former vice president’s son has financially benefited more than him from their fathers’ government positions…

“You know what will be great, I’ll let you host it. You moderate a debate between Hunter Biden and myself,” he told Axios co-founder Jim Vandehei.

Trump Jr. added: “We can go full transparency. We show everything, and we can talk about all of the places where I’m supposedly grifting, but Hunter Biden isn’t.”

…Trump Jr. claimed Sunday night that, unlike Hunter, he has not profited from his father’s presidential position. [Source: Fox News]

Now, we know that Donald Trump Jr. certainly has benefitted from his father’s success. But it was all thanks to his father’s business. Donald Jr. has worked for years within his father’s company, proving himself a competent and capable leader.

Since Trump’s become president, has Donald Jr. cashed in? From all appearances, his son has only worked to help Trump get elected. We haven’t heard of any foreign nations bending over backwards to give Donald Jr. a job. Nor have we seen President Trump try to force policy to enrich his son.

But all that happened for Hunter. It seems foreign nations were able to get Joe Biden to do whatever they wanted, if they helped his son make it rich.

Since the Ukraine scandal hit the news, we’ve seen very little from Hunter. Is the Biden camp trying to hide him away (like they’ll end up hiding Joe)? Are they afraid that Hunter might spill the beans?

Joe Biden wants to be president. Can we be sure that he won’t pull the same stunts for Hunter from the Oval Office? He didn’t seem to mind pulling strings for him as VP. It could be much worse if he was president.

All that Biden has to do to alleviate fears is have Hunter speak. Why not let Americans hear from his son—and let them decide? If Hunter has nothing to hide, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

But something tells me Hunter’s not eager to debate Donald Trump Jr. Even a simple sit-down conversation might expose all sorts of things hidden in the Biden camp.

Leaving Americans to continue to wonder and worry about the former VP’s son.

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