Don’t Expect Biden’s Border Crisis To Improve Anytime Soon

White House Press Secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki revealed on Tuesday that the Biden administration fully expects to raise the cap on refugees allowed into the United States.

She stopped short at committing to a specific number, but did hint it would be close to Biden’s campaign promise of a 150,000 cap.

Last Friday Biden drew heavy criticism from his Far-Left allies when he stuck with the 15,000 refugee camp set be his predecessor, Former President Donald Trump. The White House quickly backtracked, bent a knee to the radical Left, and committed to the higher cap.

The White House has repeatedly seen out-of-step with Biden’s words. Just this weekend, Biden referred to the ongoing border situation as a “crisis” for the first time, only to have Psaki clarify his words the next day.

Author: Nolan Tierney