Dr. Fauci Rears Ugly Head To Demand Muzzles For Kids

The trajectory of this pandemic is quite astounding.

The back-and-forth of Dr. Fauci’s edicts over the past 2 and half years are quite fascinating if you step back and look at their repercussions.

Masks, no masks; Kids don’t need masks, now they’re vital; schools open, schools closed; it’s all been a total and complete disaster by every metric.

Following the data, which liberals love to do, each and every one of Fauci’s recommendations did absolutely nothing to stop over a million Americans from falling victim to the virus.

That being said, it’s pretty much common knowledge that reporting on COVID deaths were tremendously overexaggerated and not by any means reflected in the the virus’ true mortality rate.

Either way, Fauci’s recommendations seem to impact three groups: working class people, the elderly, and most recently, the children.

Children are particularly immune from severe illness even if they contract the coronavirus, an undeniable fact backed up by numerous studies worldwide.

Still, merely for political reasons, Fauci and other “public health officials” still insist on keeping kids muzzled as they go about their school days. The psychological impact of keeping kids in masks, breathing in their own carbon dioxide, has not even once been considered.

Dr. Anthony Fauci called the move of many states and municipalities to remove school mask mandates “understandable” but “risky.”

“We could get lucky,” he said in a clip aired by CNN on Thursday. “It very well may be that if you take masks off the kids in the next week or so, it’s going to keep going down.”

“But you’ve really gotta be careful,” he added.

“Despite science, Dr. Fauci claims ‘it is risky’ to stop forcing kids to wear face masks. ‘It’s understandable why people want to take masks off the kids. But, right now, given the level of activity that we have, it is risky,'” Grabien founder Tom Elliott wrote in a tweet.

“He still thinks we are listening to him. Amazing,” Megyn Kelly wrote in a tweet.

His comments come as several blue states moved to end statewide mask mandates, citing declines in cases of COVID-19.


Author: Elizabeth Tierney